4th Annual

Natural Gas Vehicles Infrastructure USA

June 18-19, 2015 | Grand Hyatt, Atlanta, GA USA

Break the Chicken & Egg paradox: Roll out infrastructure across the USA to stimulate demand and deliver growth in NGV uptake

Re-energise the NGV Market in the USA in partnership with the nation’s biggest industry influencers

Expert speakers already involved this year:

Stephen Handy

Stephen Handy
House of Representatives
Rob Neitzke

Rob Neitzke
Cummins Westport Inc.
Mike DelBovo

Mike DelBovo
Charles Musgrove

Charles Musgrove
Dillon Transport
Steve Saltzgiver

Steve Saltzgiver
Vice President - Fleet Maintenance
Ben Schill

Ben Schill
Paper Transport

In it for the long haul…

Now in its 4th year, The Natural Gas Vehicle Infrastructure Conference & Expo has hosted every major player in the NGV market! Over the last 3 years we've had 1200+ delegates, 3 consecutive years of sold out exhibition, with site visits and on-site demos; this is the one stop shop for Fleets, Gas Utilities, infrastructure developers and C-Stores who are serious about NGVs

Key issues that will shape the US NGV market in 2015

  • STATE OF THE MARKET: Better understand the macroeconomic factors eff­ecting the uptake of NGVs including oil prices, state directives and the diff­ering roles of CNG & LNG
  • PROVE ROI FOR AMERICA'S FLEETS: Cut through the hype for a true picture of natural gas fuel economics and boost NGV uptake across the USA
  • VEHICLES AND ENGINES: Examine the future of NGV technology by speaking directly to Vehicle and Engine OEMs, hear their plans and confront the conversion cost issue head on
  • INFRASTRUCTURE - CONNECTING THE DOTS: Deliver a joined up, demand responsive and reliable gas supply network for America’s fleets where it’s needed most
  • STRUCTURE PROFITABLE PARTNERSHIPS: Work closely with key state/federal influencers and create effective business models with Utilities, C-Stores and Fleets

Make no mistake....It's a big year for natural gas vehicles

The Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) market in the USA has come to a fork in the road. Having enjoyed impressive growth for several years with an ironclad business case, utilities, convenience stores and fleets alike have seen NGVs become the front-runner in the alternative fuels space. America can now boast over 150,000 CNG/LNG vehicles on the road with many more expected in the next 2 years. Looking forward, Navigant Research sees sales of NGVs up to 3.9 Million by 2024, whilst the International Energy Agency (IEA) predicts that by 2025, the US and China will account for the vast majority of natural gas fuel usage worldwide.

But there is an elephant in the room; collapsing oil prices. With the price of oil tumbling to $50 a barrel, the economics of natural gas have been suddenly put under enormous scrutiny, causing confusion and hesitation for many fleets. Moreover, the perceived high initial costs of conversion and infrastructure development have stalled an otherwise buoyant market. There is no doubt that now is a time of uncertainty for NGVs in the USA.

With these circumstances as a backdrop, FC Gas Intelligence’s 4th Annual Natural Gas Vehicles Infrastructure Conference, which is set for June 18-19 in Atlanta, is changing its focus to deliver what the market really needs now

The focvus is two-fold; National strategy and delivering for fleets. Pure and simple. The industry needs widespread infrastructure, which is only possible through national collaboration and joined up thinking. The industry also needs to be sending the right messages and demonstrating the very real benefits of natural gas directly to the end user. You'll get both at this year's Natural Gas Vehciles Infrastructure Conference.

So if you want to meet Utilities, C-Stores, Fleets, Policy makers, Infrastructure developers and vehcile OEM's, then you have come to the right place. Don't miss out on this year's event!

Hear what Cummins Westport think about the natural gas vehicle market and our shows!

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Well attended by key players in the natural gas market. Excellent balance between government, users and suppliers at the conference and in the presentations

Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks

FC Gas did a great job organizing the conference with numerous topics and diverse points of view, along with tours that were sold out.

Clean Energy Fuels

Clean Energy Fuels

I have not attended a conference with so many end users present before



See who you can meet!

Hear's a clear demonstration of the people you can meet based on 3 years worth of event history:

See who you can meet!



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